Glazing, Window & Glass Repairs

Glass replaced by our expert glazing team, laminated, toughened and polycarbonate, Glass replacement
Broken glass, damaged glass doors and windows can be made safe in three ways:

  • Toughened or tempered glass (class ‘A’) – both stronger than ordinary glass and will break safely, into small pieces.
  • Laminated (class ‘B’) – a layer of plastic is sandwiched between at least 2 sheets of glass. As the glass is attached to the plastic, if it breaks, the pieces remain in place.
  • Pyroshield safety (class ‘C’) – either opaque or clear, has a wire grid embedded in it, as shown right (to conform to HCC specification Pyroshield must be safety filmed)


What’s included in our Glazing and Window repairs service

  • Polycarbonate sheeting
  • Clear and obscure
  • Class reinforced plastic
  • Georgian wired
  • Spin Vents or gas vents fittings.
  • ‘Acoustic’ glass – a special PVB laminated safety glass, providing noticeable insulation against noise, and helping create quieter interiors. Its totally transparent plastic interlayer absorbs sounds and significantly reduces the level transmitted through the glass. can be made fire-resistant
    Stained Glass and Leaded Lights
  • Double glazed Units replaced
  • Replacement handles and hinges.
  • Secondary Glazing – supplied and fitted.
  • Spin Vents or gas vents fittings.
  • Mirror fittings – all types supplied and fitted templating service available.
  • Cat Flap – fitted to existing single glazed doors and windows. New double-glazed units supplied and fitted with hole for circular cat flap.