I.C. Glass offers a comprehensive range of fire-glass from all well-known manufacturers.

Pilkington Pyroshield glass is the traditional form of fire protection, offering Class 3 30-60 minute integrity protection and is readily available.

Wire-free and Laminated Wired fire glass is also available, which provides higher impact performance:

  • 7mm PYROGUARD™ CLEAR C7/30 – 30 minute integrity protection, Class 2 impact performance
  • 11mm PYROGUARD™ CLEAR C11/60 – 60 minute integrity protection, Class 2 impact performance
  • 7 and 11mm PYROGUARD™ mild steel and coloured wired glass
  • PYROGUARD Designer Series – with satin or patterned glass layers
  • PYROGUARD™ fire glass is tested and certificated to fire and impact safety standards, BS 476: part 22, EN 1363-1:1999 – European test for fire resistance and EN 13501-2: 2003 – classification document
We also offer Pyrostop, Pyrodur and Pyran Fire Glasses.